New Jersey's Clams Casino dropped a new track today, 'Bookfiend', featuring DOOM.

'Bookfiend' is full of laid back beats with shimmering harmonics that wash in and out. All of the elements of the production here hit and dissipate, as the listener anticipates the next drop, the tension builds until they hit again. It's a beautiful backdrop for DOOM's trademark spitting and he doesn;tdisappoint on 'Bookfiend'.

His stream of consciousness style has always lulled me, in a good way, until he drops a phrase that just nails a mood or thought so precisely that I'm constantly engaged with what's coming next. These two powerhouses have crafted something great here and make it look so effortless. 'Bookfiend' is an excellent track and a must listen.

'Bookfiend' is a part of a forthcoming DOOM release via Lex Records.