Michael Volpe is the man behind the sensation that is Clams Casino, an American hip-hop musician, record producer and songwriter. Clams is bases in New Jersey and has produced tracks for the likes of A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, Lil B and many others. He has even worked on remixes for stars such as Lana Del Ray, not that many people would ever know. He’s described as being able to combine hip-hop drums with a great deal of sensitivity to the music- so why the anonymity? There is certainly a positive influence of being a relatively unknown artist and simply adds to his addictive sound.

Prior to his recognition, Calms Casino existed as little more than an email address and Myspace account and few people knew the man personally. This means more people could talk and speculate about who he was as it strikes us an unusual intriguing that someone could possibly remain so anonymous in a world that is so obsessed with sharing information online. Interestingly, Clams Casino nearly didn’t become a music producer as he began to rise to fame at a time when he was studying for a physical therapy degree.

The one thing that always captures people’s attention is the origin of Clams Casino’s name. In a recent interview Clams explained that a friend of his called him Clams Casino one day for no reason at all and the name stuck with him ever since. Clams liked the ‘ring’ of his nickname and decided to keep it to act as a stage name. There has been speculation that Clams Casino’s name may be more personal than he makes out and may be closely linked to a love of playing casino games or perhaps it has something to do with his jackpot winning music career? While there is no proof to this theory, it’s certainly enough to keep people intrigued.

Clams Casino is unique being quite open about his desire to stand out an artist rather than simply as a celebrity. Despite his recessive character and disinterest in the spot light he has certainly become one musical act to watch this year. The freshness of his sound is the reason that so many musicians have opted to make appearances in Clam’s very own major label debut. 32 Levels has proved to be very popular with music lovers- the first half of the album feature both rappers and producers and the second half is devoted to singers. The album certainly acts an experiment and this can be best seen in his explorative sounding beats and sounds as they float alongside people’s voices and melodies.

Clams Casino, while rising to popularity swiftly, is looking to refrain from becoming a one album wonder. Clams can certainly be praised for his futuristic sounds and refreshing personality. He is looking to try his hand at DJ-ing and spread his sound in a different way. It’s clear that this bright spark has an awful lot more to share with the world and we look forward to see where his music will take him next…