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"This is more or less a representative selection of my all-time hip hop favourites, that I know nearly by heart. By the age of fifteen I wanted to become a hip-hop DJ, but I couldn't afford turntables and I didn't find any sponsors. So I just kept on listening to these tracks loudly in my room, really annoying for my parents and neighbours."

Pharcyde - 'Runnin''

This is my favourite hip-hop classic ever. It reminds me of good old times.

Nas - 'Nas Is Like'

I was listening to the whole Nas album a lot, and this track is just awesome. Half man half amazin'.

Public Enemy - 'Don't Believe the Hype'

Always great, one of the pioneers. You gotta love that track. When I was younger I thought the lyrics were "Don't Believe the High."

Wu Tang Clan - 'Reunited'

I had a huge poster in my room for years. I think they have a clever logo and this track is epic.

De La Soul - 'Ring Ring Ring'

My favourite voicemail tune.

A Tribe Called Quest - 'Stressed Out'

I really know how it feels to be, stressed out when you're face to face with your adversity. Great cameo from Faith Evans.

Fugees - 'How Many Mics'

Lauryn Hill used to be so cool and beautiful she was an inspiration. I admired her, but I have not been following her recently. Wyclef is a great producer as well actually!

Rakim Guess - 'Who is Back'

Amazing hook, very engaging.

KRS One - 'MCs Act Like They Don't Know'

This track just makes me go back in time and puts me in a sentimental mood.

Missy Elliot - 'Work It'

Incredible beat, so minimal and powerful, while Missy is such an awesome rapper.