It's been five years since Clare Maguire graced a stage in London. Well... a stage that you could buy tickets for - more recently she's been gracing the stages of fashion shows, acting as the musical backdrop to Burberry's presentations at London Fashion Week. Tonight, however, is all about the fans and allowing them to re-enter her musical world - a world that was almost lost a few years ago due to Maguire's excessive drinking.

Following a stint in rehab, Maguire is back sounding better than ever with a brand new record Stranger Things Have Happened. Tonight's gig at the intimate St Pancras Old Church showcased the record in the best possible light. In a rare treat, Maguire opted to perform the album, in full, as laid out in the album's tracklist. In fact, it was a delightful live interpolation of the record performed by the album's contributors Tom Goss, Sam Beste and Blue May, who all participated in the night's offering.

This rather unique approach to performing meant there wasn't much in terms of surprises but what this show did offer was Clare Maguire as a true artist. In between songs, she spoke confidently to the audience telling tales of her family - some of whom were in the audience - to her recent tumultuous relationships to her much publicised time in rehab. These endearing yet engaging moments really brought out the best in Clare's bubbly personality and could certainly give Adele a run for her money in terms of stand up comedic value (and let's be honest, in terms of vocals too). Speaking of vocals, Maguire's are still in top notch shape, displayed across all tracks but perhaps more so on 'Changing Faces', 'Here I Am' and 'The Valley' which force Clare to push her voice a little more than the likes of the 'Swimming' and the heartbreaking 'Hanging in the Stars'.

The term 'magical' probably gets thrown around far too much these days but Clare Maguire was and is, truly magical. It's hard to fault a show which note-for-note replicates the record that it supports and Team Clare Maguire have nailed what they set out to do. Stranger things may have happened to Clare in the last 10 years of her life but there's nothing strange about a singer who was born to do just that. All that's different now is she's doing it her own way.

Clare's album Stranger Things Have Happened is available now on iTunes and all digital platforms via Virgin EMI Records.