Ahead of Glaswegian producer Claude Speeed's return on 14th July with Infinity Ultra, his first cohesive output since 2015's Sun Czar Temple EP, he's released the single 'Fifth Fortress'.

Claude Speeed is habitually unrooted, ever-floating between soundscapes and aesthetics, and 'Fifth Fortress' combines an ambience-levelled patience with synths that straddle acid house and techno. It's restrained, but confidently reflexive.

The press release describes Infinity Ultra's genesis as "revealing the artist’s Scottish roots, viewed at a hazy distance from his Berlin home - a series of memories of Glasgow’s experimental psychedelic underground, its DIY rock scene and defiant club hedonism."

While 'Fifth Fortress' exposes merely a snapshot of such a kaleidoscopic promise, as a native Glaswegian I'm tremendously excited to see such a multitude of ideas unravel.