Claudio plays Consequences Image and video hosting by TinyPic Claudio Parentela is a man of contrasts. Still living and working in his birthplace of Catanzaro, Italy, it appears that Parentela’s location is his only constant. Working as an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, freelance journalist, and Tarotologist (Tarot and Psychic Readings), Parentela is an impossible man to pin down. His medium can vary from digital photo collage to watercolour painting; black and white illustration to kaleidoscopic colours. With a lust for chaos and anarchy, and a touch of ADD, Parentela works continuously with countless zines, magazines, comics, and other print and web publications. With the thrill of a ten year old let loose with the promise of no retribution, Parentela breaks up and reforms the fabric of the world in new, bizarre and playful ways in his work. The whisper of a subject stands somewhere in between the anarchic collisions of automatic drawing and found images, but it is constantly shifting and re-evolving. Like the shards of a cracked mirror, the reflection is always there, but the view you see is scattered. Roaming within this hallucinatory world of creation and perception, Parentela’s work deliberately avoids concrete analysis. It is tempting to see overarching themes of female sexuality, its misrepresentation, as well as the use of eroticism in the media, but at no point is this made explicit. His mark making seems to challenge and destroy, whilst also showing what else is possible. Image and video hosting by TinyPic This style can be both alienating and curiously intriguing. The use of mixed media, juxtaposition and superimposition creates a barrier whilst also drawing you in. Like the absent minded automatic drawing applied to a magazine advert or newspaper headline, seen frequently on coffee tables across the globe, the collision of mark making and collage enlivens the static image, giving new life to something which has been contained within the frame of the photograph. This fragmentation and reformation of the human form encourages the viewer to look beyond what is portrayed and to observe our interaction with it. Like the master of an elaborate game of Consequences, Claudio Parentela watches gleefully as sensible and reasonable forms collide and collapse under the power of the individual interpretation. Link: