Experimental oddity Cleaning Women are a band that has created their whole instrumental setup from cleaning equipment. This includes things like Electric Coffee Bean Can Bouzouki and a customised laundry rack (look for a full list at the bottom of this post). They released an album called U a decade ago, but have not been back in the studio again until recently. They reconvened with intent, hiring Einstürzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke to mix, and have produced an album called Intersubjectivity, which is coming out on February 15th via Svart Records.

Talking about their intentions on the new record, the band says: “We wanted the album to sound like how we sound live on stage, at least to our ears. We wanted to carry our junk instruments to the finest studio we can find so that we could bring out the smallest nuances of the sound our instruments produce. We recorded the album in the brand new E-Studio in Sipoo, Finland, with as few overdubs as possible. Alexander Hacke, who has three decades of experience with the clang and rattle of junk metal, managed to dig up the essential elements in our music. Studio sessions took a mere five days, as did mixing, so everything happened quite intuitively with little polish to things. That’s why we feel the result sounds intergalactically fresh.”

And it's true, they do sound bright and energetic, in ways that you would never normally associate with cleaning equipment. 'Leap Of Faith' is a frenetic pop rock song that has an unusual timbre and urgency to it, given by the unconventional instrumentation. Of course, 'Leap Of Faith' would not be worth mentioning if it weren't a good song, but it is a propulsive and dynamic track. Over rattling percussion that paddles the song forward with determination, the unusual sounds intersect, giving the song an urgency that drives through a series of peaks and troughs, the vocals handling the unsteady terrain with aplomb. Check out 'Leap Of Faith' below.

Cleaning Women's new album Intersubjectivity is out via Svart Records on February 15th. Here's the full list of instruments used:

Thunder Plate
Electric Coffee Bean Can Bouzouki
Customised Laundry Rack
Metal Box
Percussion Set: Plastic Bucket Kick Drum, Metal Boxkick Snare, Movie Reel Box Snare, Metal Cans and Pots, Washing Machine Drive Snares
3-String Sub Bass
Melodic Kling Klang
3-String Closet Hanger Rod Bass
Wooden Box
4-String Enamel Wash Tub Bass
Electric Hammered Dulcimer Bass Rack with Melodic Metal Rods