While there's a special place in hell reserved for people who speed by in awful cars, blaring awful, awful music with their windows down, it is an undisputed fact that it's really fun to turn the volume up and sink into your own little world (with the windows rolled up) while you're driving.

But then you don't hear the ambulance sirens in time and oh my god you've slowed them down because there isn't anywhere for you to pull to the side now and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU VILLIAN.

Luckily they've solved this problem in Guayaquil, Ecuador. To increase emergency response times, the ambulances hijack nearby AM and FM signals to let drivers within a one kilometre radius know they're nearby. And this is totally legal. Creative agency Maruri Grey worked with the Radio Association of Ecuador to fit low-power broadcast antennas onto ambulances to do this.

Sure, you naysayers could sniff and point out that CDs and MP3 players have replaced the radio as in-car entertainment of choice, but the facts speak for themselves: response times for the ambulances was reduced by up to 40 per cent with this new system. Not too shabby at all.