Wandering past The Scala around 7.20 to get some food, a line of people had already formed outside the venue waiting for doors to open; a very good sign for a Monday night and proof - if any were needed - that Clock Opera are really starting to make waves; especially as they weren't top billing this evening.

In fact, the launch night for new single 'Belongings' was relatively low key; Clock Opera were on stage at the really quite early time of 8pm, and were playing for just 30 minutes - allowing Howling Bells (tonight's headliners) a half hour changeover and a 90 minute set, which seemed a little excessive.

However, this had not phased the crowd, and obviously hadn't affected the band either, as they launched triumphantly into their set with a blistering version of 'White Noise' to what was really a very decent turnout.

Having been firmly told "3 songs only, no flash" when I arrived at the venue, I was slightly bemused by the lack of a photo pit, but we did our best to work around the waving arms and nodding heads (I've noticed that Clock Opera fans are quite tall, although it has to be said they couldn't hold a candle to ASIWYFA fans in the height stakes).

From 'White Noise' they moved quickly into 'Man Made' before - joy of joys - playing that most wonderful of things; a new track! I'm not going to give anything away, I'm afraid, but keep your ears peeled for this one. Without breaking the momentum of the night, 'Glass Eye' gave way to 'Piece Of String' which was quickly followed by 'Once And For All' - their previous single - and by this point the crowd was well and truly hooked. What better time, then, to showcase the new single?

'Belongings' is a slight departure from Clock Opera's previous offerings. Still full of shimmering keyboard melodies, it is slightly less dancy than fans might be expecting. There emphasis and concentration seems more shifted towards the ambience than the beat, although they couldn't resist their trademark drop at 3:46. Guy Connelly even appears in the music video! Nevertheless, the density and sheer complexity of the layers of sound are Clock Opera to a T, and 'Belongings' is really a very good track indeed.

After 'Belongings', they played a thundering rendition of 'Lesson No. 7' and then, despite numerous calls for "just one more", they were gone. Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen, I guess, although I have to say I am looking forward to the day when Clock Opera play more gigs or longer sets. Oh, and the album release!