Update – Closure In Moscow set up GoFundMe page after robbery during gig

Whilst their European tour continues (Folkestone tonight, get down there!), Closure In Moscow have set up a GoFundMe page to make up for the $8,700 AUSD in equipment, laptops and personal affects that were stolen from their van during their sold-out headline show at London’s Garage venue.

Details of everything they lost and how you can support the band in this dark hour, all found here. Full European tour dates at www.ClosureInMoscow.com

Original story:

Australian psychedelic rock outfit Closure In Moscow's UK tour continued last night with a sold-out London show at the Highbury Garage. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that everyone in the room had a marvellous time, and so it was particularly upsetting to see a post on the band's Facebook this morning detailing how their van had been burgled during the gig. "Played a sold out show in London tonight. Also got rolled and got all our passports, clothes, laptops and some personal equipment stolen. Oh the highs n lows of being a band. Fuck."

We'd chatted earlier in the evening with guitarist Mansur Zennelli (interview article to come) and touched on upon other things the difficulties and financial hurdles faced by an independent band travelling the other side of the planet. Tweets this morning from @ClosureInMoscow detail that among the many personal items stolen from the van, they've lost all their demos.

I just want to express my absolute disgust and fury at the assholes who did this. There's no excuse for theft at any time, but I can't think of a lovelier and more undeserving group of people for this to happen to. Going from playing to an elated, sold-out crowd, to finding your van has been done in - truly the best and worst of London in close proximity.

If anyone saw anything or knows anything about what happened, I'd advise getting in touch with band via Facebook or Twitter. They were due to continue their tour in mainland Europe in the coming days - so let's hope they don't have to cut their tour short and that the police in London actually do their job for once.

This kind of thing seems to be happening more regularly, and it should go without saying that it should be completely unacceptable that creative artists (or indeed anyone) have to suffer this kind of misanthropic bullshit when touring. Best of luck to everyone in the band today and in the coming days.