I feel like I'm probably the only person who hasn't seen that viral 'First Kiss' video that was everywhere on Facebook. Everyone thought it was SO cute and SO sweet and it couldn't possibly be set up (or, dare we say, an advertisement), right? Well, it was. All of the individuals in the video were outfitted in clothes from the company Wren, who at no point in the video were named. However, after the video went viral, their business boomed in a major way. Say, to the tune of grabbing over 70 million hits and having their sales go up by 14,000%. You read that right - 14,000.

Wren's owner Melissa Coker recently spoke to Business Insider about her success after the video, saying We set out to create an authentic, touching content marketing campaign in the context of the fashion and style space that took people out of their day jobs," adding that people prefer subtlety over obnoxious "Buy this product now!" slogans. I'd say that's pretty accurate.