Cloud Boat will release their second studio album, Model of You, on July 7th through Apollo and R&S Records. And to celebrate the announcement of this follow-up to their acclaimed 2013 debut Book of Hours, the British duo have unveiled a video for their new album's first official single, 'Carmine', which was originally released as a standalone back in March.

See the album's tracklist, and watch the video for 'Carmine' below.

Model of You:

  • 1. Prelude
  • 2. Hideaway
  • 3. Carmine
  • 4. Portraits Of Eyes
  • 5. Bricks Are For
  • 6. The Glow
  • 7. Golden Lights
  • 8. Aurelia
  • 9. Thoughts In Mine
  • 10. Told You
  • 11. All Of My Years
  • 12. Hallow

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