Nearly a year after the release of Book Of Hours, the debut LP from London duo Cloud Boat on the legendary R&S/Apollo Records, Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke are apparently on the heels of a righteous follow-up.

'Carmine', which comes out as a stand-alone single, scours the delicate nuance of the duo's previous LP, adding an air of theatric synth and twinging atmospherics. "'Carmine' is a journey through the mind of a childhood companion," the two wrote on the single. "The image of him is so old and faded that we believe he may be a figment of our imagination, but he now exists more completely as a friend and as a memory in this song."

Listen and download the track below. Cloud Boas will be back home for a small stretch of post-SXSW tour dates, listed here as well.

  • Mar 25th: London, Chats Palace
  • Mar 26th: Brighton, The Hope
  • Apr 2nd: Liverpool, Shipping Forecast
  • Apr 3rd: Manchester, The Castle

Watch The 405's 2013 interview with Cloud Boat below.

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