The steady stream of love and admiration for London duo Cloud Boat continues to effortlessly grow. Today, nearly a month before the release of its sophomore LP Model Of You, Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke debuted the LP's second illustrious single 'Hideaway'.

Despite being relatively new (the debut LP Book Of Hours was released just a year ago), Cloud Boat have comfortably found a method of entrance into an arena-sized scope with its sound. 'Hideaway', for its emotional vulnerability, sounds larger than anything the band has produced before, paving a way for another breakout from the duo.

Stream 'Hideaway' below. Cloud Boat's Model Of You is set for release July 7th on R&S and Apollo Records, and July 14th in North America. Pre-order the LP here.

Bookmark this page as well, because Cloud Boat has a set of UK tour dates next October.

  • 05/10 - The Yardbird - Birmingham, UK
  • 07/10 - Louisiana - Bristol, UK
  • 11/10 - Soup Kitchen - Manchester, UK
  • 12/10 - Shipping Forecast - Liverpool, UK
  • 13/10 - Nation Of Shopkeepers - Leeds, UK
  • 14/10 - Think Tank - Newcastle, UK
  • 16/10 - Broadcast, Glasgow, UK

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