So James Blake is probably going to blow up the internet when his new record comes out in two weeks. Assuming he doesn't, there may just be room for Blake's childhood friends Cloud Boat, who are gathering a serious amount of buzz themselves. Book of Hours is set to drop on May 27th via Apollo, and Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke have unveiled a new song from the album. Following on from the excellent lead single 'Wanderlust', 'Youthern' is a minimalistic treat, getting by on a simple beat and Clarke's vocals for the most part, before erupting into a wave of shimmering noise midway through, accomplishing a lot with very little in the process.

The tracklisting for Book of Hours reads as follows:

  • 1. Lions On The Beach
  • 2. Youthern
  • 3. Bastion
  • 4. Drean
  • 5. Amber Road
  • 6. You Find Me
  • 7. Wanderlust
  • 8. Godhead
  • 9. Pink Grin I
  • 10. Pink Grin II
  • 11. Kowloon Bridge