If you’re reading this then I hope you too are seething with raging jealousy over all those lucky souls who are currently residing in Austin, Texas, enjoying the delights of one of the finest music festivals in the world, SXSW. On the off chance you may not have heard of SXSW, and in turn do not feel the afore mentioned envy, then I implore you to take this as an opportunity to burst your bubble of ignorant bliss and start saving for next year. However, returning to our fair shores, music ploughs on forth, and Cloud Corner has returned to bring you five of the finest up and coming artists currently circulating on the internet.

’Electric’ by Molly Beanland

Hailing from London, Molly Beanland, of Cub Scout fame, has created a truly fine piece of pop music, weaving her beautiful vocals through synths and echoing piano keys which echo back to sounds from the 90s.

You can visit the band by heading here.

'Movin/Dreamin' by Pandit

Having already won the swooning hearts of the blogosphere, Pandit returns with a superbly crafted acoustic track, composed of an engaging guitar line and heartbreakingly intimate vocals. A definite one to watch in 2012.

You can visit the band by heading to here.

’Forever’ by Little Black Ant

Ambient music can sometimes feel shallow and simply eking an existence, however Little Black Ant’s latest effort demonstrates the staggering level of depth the genre can provide.

You can visit the band by heading here.

'Sing Trees' by Jewellers

The best thing to come out of Newport in a very long time, Jewellers are steadily developing a strong fan base, through an expert collection of mixers and some notable national radio play. Their latest effort, ‘Sing Trees’, is another fantastic piece of output by the band, so expect more excitement in 2012.

You can visit the band by heading to here.

'Robinwood' by KEEL HER

Lo-fi in it’s truest sense, KEEL HER is one of the most pleasant and daring bedroom artists currently around, having already attracted a significant amount of attention for her creations filled with fuzzy guitars and jangly melodic lines.

You can visit the band by clicking here.