This edition of Cloud Corner is aimed at giving you a little more pep in your step for getting through the week. We have some high-energy material for you to sink your teeth into if you feel like it. Likewise, even if you need a little bit of downtime or space in which to unwind, we've got that covered too, as one of our choices is rather easy to get lost in. There's also some indie-pop that's tailor-made to lift your spirits, and if you're planning to do your thing on the dancefloor any time soon, we've got that taken care of as well, with a track that's the perfect preparation for heading out. As usual, we've tried to pull in music from diverse backgrounds, and our overstuffed Soundcloud inbox means that we're always spoilt for choice, but here are the four essential songs we think you need to drop everything to hear this week. Some may already be on your radar, and some may not, but they all should be.

Wooden Arms - Separate the Verb

Picture the scene: you arrive home after your last day at the 9-to-5. Friday evening's beckoning, but you're feeling too spent to get up to much. You need some time to yourself. We have a better idea, though: why not spend it in the company of this utterly gorgeous song? Taking influence from classical, folk and lo-fi, this new song from this Norwich-based band strikes just the right balance between soothing and uplifting. From its strings-drenched intro, through its gentle yet powerful verses, it radiates a feeling of welcoming intimacy. 'Separate the Verb' ebbs and flows wonderfully, managing to create a sort of delicate confidence. If that sounds oxymoronic, well, so be it, but the band are in their element when creating songs as otherworldly as this.

You can visit the band by heading here.

Evans the Death - Catch Your Cold

No self-respecting fan of indie-pop would have let these guys pass them by earlier this year, but just in case that happened to you, then you shouldn't take us lightly when we say that you need to hear this band; more precisely, this song is enough to help you to power through the weekend by itself. There's no way that a band with 'Death' in their name should be this uplifting, but their self-titled debut, which saw release on this side of the pond in April, is full of melodic gems, and 'Catch Your Cold' is one of its highlights. Containing the sort of hook that will take up residence in your head if you let it, it wears its pop influences on its sleeve, and gleefully flips the bird to those who think that sort of thing is now passé. Trust us, it definitely isn't, not when it's as thrilling as this.

You can visit the band by heading here.

Altar Eagle - Carousel Ocean

If you're in the mood for something incredibly uplifting, then look no further than this song by this Oklahoma-based duo. Their music is content to hide beneath layers of fuzz, but their melodic ability is enough to cut through everything that surrounds it and allow their songs to speak for themselves. This is no more apparent than on this absolutely wonderful extract from their second full-length, Nightrunners, which apparently is released into the world on Tuesday. In any case, we can't wait to hear it, because 'Carousel Ocean' would be enough to appeal strongly to anyone with an interest in shoegaze, which is what this song essentially is, albeit given more of a pop edge than the band's contemporaries. Its soaring bridge section is worth the price of admission by itself.

FaltyDL - My Friends Will Always Say

This one's been knocking about for a while, but it's just so damn good that we can't help throwing it into the mix this week. Some garage is always welcome, especially if it features a groove as unquestionably brilliant as the one that forms the backbone of this 5-minute wonder. The NYC-based producer utilises soulful female vocals, bubbling basslines and an unexpected sense of urgency to create a track that is sure to get you moving. In fact, if it doesn't, then we would suggest that you check that you still have a pulse, because this is pretty much irresistible stuff. A sense of melancholy is still present, but this works in its favour, adding extra depth to proceedings. Watch out for his sampling of 'La-La Means I Love You' by The Delfonics towards the track's close, too.

You can visit the band by heading here.