Have you missed us? That's all right; we're going to make it up to you this fortnight with what could be called a hurricane-strength edition of Cloud Corner. Even if we're moving into those months where new albums are relatively scarce, the flow of new music seems to be endless; and so we shall fearlessly venture into our Soundcloud dropbox once again to bring you music that's not merely 'very good', but stop-what-you're-doing-and-get-on-this-right-now good - from new faces and old favourites alike.

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School of Seven Bells - Secret Days

This band's secret days have been over for a while now; they released an absolute stormer of a third album in February, and Ghostory put them well and truly on the map (helped by some brilliant singles). They seem intent on ending 2012 as they started it - i.e. in fine musical form - and are gearing up to release a new EP on November 12th called Put Your Sad Down. The five-track effort is being trailed by Secret Days, a percussion-driven song that finds their most recent album's sound expanded upon even further, with frontwoman Alejandra Deheza delivering a powerful vocal over stuttering synths and an R&B-influenced beat. It's new, it's different, and it's up to their usual standard - we approve. Did we mention it's a free download?

You can visit the band on Facebook..

Saskatchewan - Venom

Featuring a beautifully sad melody and drums with enough force to power a medium-sized town, Venom is (somehow) the b-side to the newest Saskatchewan single. We think it would have worked just as well as the A-side - that honour went to Divine Kind - but we're not complaining; the Orlando trio's output has been stellar so far, and in even more exciting news, there is an album in the can and slated for release early next year. For now, though, enjoy the woozy dream-pop brilliance of their newest stuff. (Just by the way, this is also a free download - aren't we being nice to you this week?)

You can visit the band on Facebook.

Yom San - Secrets

This sumptuous slice of shoegaze is aptly named; we don't know much at all about Yom San, only that they're from Boston and seem to have a thing for cinematic melodies, as evinced by the demo they unleashed upon the world last week. While Night and Day was a fascinating mix of funk, pop and chiming guitar lines, Secrets goes entirely in the other direction, trundling along in a leisurely, gorgeously understated manner that's sure to appeal to people who enjoy floating on a wave of blissed-out melodies for six minutes. If that's you, then you should investigate this post-haste. More free download action here.

You can visit them (whoever they are) on Soundcloud.