A lot of times, the phrase 'indefinite hiatus' is merely just a music industry euphemism for a split. Cloud Corner's been on a hiatus for a while, but fortunately it wasn't going to be indefinite. We've decided to bring it back from the dead, and have prepared an eclectic mix of sounds for your delectation. Diving into our Soundcloud, which is practically overflowing with submissions of all kinds, has yielded some impressive results.

The four songs we've chosen for this fortnight's instalment are ones that you should drop everything to hear. Pop, folk and house all make an appearance in this edition (and there's even room for a bit of slowcore too), but there's no real thread that ties this particular selection together; unless, of course, one counts the fact that all this can be filed under Good Stuff You Absolutely Must Listen To, Like, Right Now. Let's get this show (back) on the road.

Trust - Dressed For Space

When Austra's Maya Postepski isn't involved with her day job, she hooks up with Robert Alfons and gets her gothic synth-pop on. The Toronto duo peddle their infectious wares under the name of Trust, and we're taking this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the next single from January's TRST LP. Dressed For Space features a pulsating hook, a club-ready rhythm and soaring synths layered over the top. The uptempo cut is quite a busy affair, but all this plays second fiddle to Alfons's haunting baritone - at least until the chorus hits and the song aims for the stars. Dressed for single release, two rather tasty remixes of the lead track have been thrown in, as well as a new song called Divine, but all these are overshadowed by what deserves to be heralded as one of the best songs of the year.

You can visit the duo by heading here.


Bass Clef - Dawn Chorus Pedal

When Ralph Cumbers released Reeling Skullways as Bass Clef earlier this year, plenty of heads turned in his direction. His stylistically diverse output has attracted a considerable amount of attention, and he's back with a new jam, mischievously titled Dawn Chorus Pedal. The seven-minute opus is lifted from a forthcoming 12" single release (with another new cut, You Don't Know Don't You Know, on the flip), and is something of a 'how many different kinds of percussion can I use in one song?' challenge for him - there's treated steel drums, echoing snare drums, all manner of cymbals, and of course, the thudding 4/4 bass drum that holds everything together. A squelching synth hook is the icing on the cake, backed up by atmospheric keyboard washes as Cumbers takes the listener on a journey that is meditative but supremely enjoyable. Oh, and watch out for that break around 3 minutes in; it's huge.

You can visit him by heading here.


Sera Cahoone - Deer Creek Canyon

This singer-songwriter's been around the block numerous times, having enjoyed stints as a touring musician with Band of Horses and Patrick Park, among others. She went solo a number of years ago, and was duly signed to Sub Pop in 2006, releasing her debut that same year. She's remained with them for third full-length Deer Creek Canyon, which is due on September 24th. Its title track is quite a mellow affair, coasting along on a delicate melody and drumming so soft that it's almost non-existent. Cahoone is in fine voice, too, and her reflective lyrics lend the song an air of added elegance. Simple and straightforward, Deer Creek Canyon is an honest and direct song that should see its creator's stock rise further when the album drops in a few weeks.

You can visit her by heading here.


ERAAS - Fang

Composed of ex-members of the Connecticut post-rock band Apse, ERAAS produce brooding, melancholic music that is still possible to dance to, and one need look no further than Fang for proof of this. Taken from their self-titled debut, which arrives on the 1st of October, the strangely funky-sounding song is driven by an extraordinarily catchy bassline whose power is augmented by thudding, clicking percussion and reverb-drenched vocals that lend things an air of mystery. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then you should get on ERAAS when it arrives next month. We certainly will be.

You can visit the band by heading here.