Oh hi October. Where's the year going? It seems like only yesterday that summer was upon us, but that sort of thing is well and truly finished with now that we're well into autumn. The leaves are falling, the weather's getting colder, animals are gathering food for the winter, and so on. Our mood isn't particularly autumnal in this fortnight's edition of Cloud Corner, though we have been gathering some musical nourishment and storing it in our Dropbox (which is almost constantly full to the brim). We've decided to share it with you right now, though, so here, have three delicious slices of fresh new music. There's no real theme to our selections this week; we just so happen to be offering you a little bit of everything: some folktronica; some scuzz-pop and an epic indie-pop song. These three songs make for essential listening, so stop what you're doing and add some new music to your day.

Times New Viking - Sleep-In

Here's a band who can be counted on when one is in the mood for some lo-fi indie. Even if TNV have moved towards more accessible material in the years since their formation, their most recent album, last year's impressive Dancer Equired retained enough of a rough-around-the-edges feel to assure fans that they hadn't strayed too far from the path. This edition's lead track is an infectious new song from the Ohio trio, and is also the first song on their new EP, which arrives on October 15th and is entitled Over and Over. On Sleep-In, frontman Jared Phillips and keyboardist Beth Murphy's vocals do battle with one another over an up-tempo thrill ride that moves through verses and choruses with the same passionate intensity, wrapping everything up in under 3 minutes. If the rest of the six-song EP is anywhere near as good as this, then, once again, the band are on to a winner.

You can visit the band by heading here.

Jauge - Be Free

If you're looking for something a little more laid-back, then this should do the trick. This 5-minute wonder is all the work of George Stockton-Smith. You saw what he did there with his nom de plume, right? Of course you did. You have absolutely no excuse not to check this guy out, and especially so because Be Free is, well, free. Building a dreamlike soundscape out of looped vocals, clattering percussion and a gently flowing melody, this track is a fine introduction to a compelling new talent. His website blurb makes a grand statement when it says that the music that Stockton-Smith is currently creating 'is trying to break down the barriers of acoustic and electronic music'. More power to his elbow, then - he's certainly on the right track.

You can visit him by heading here.

Girls Names - The New Life

Not merely content with gifting us with the excellent A Troubled See earlier in the year, Belfast indie-poppers Girls Names have unveiled some more new material, and it finds them taking their sound in more expansive and ambitious directions. The New Life clocks in at all of seven-and-a-half minutes, and the song length alone should be enough to suggest that the band have moved into previously uncharted territory. The 90s influence is still there, but it's been mixed in with plenty of other things too; kicked off by an impressive bass hook, the song starts as an upbeat guitar jam, but throws the listener for a loop later on as it lets its psychedelic side out. Be sure to stick with it; it keeps getting better as it goes on. The single's out on November 12th - hopefully this is an indication of where they're headed on the follow-up to debut Dead to Me, which is due next year.

You can visit the band by heading here.