Cloud Corner II Wurzle. Welcome back to the second edition of Cloud Corner! This week we’re focusing on shit you can seriously dance to. Remixes, originals, and colabs to make you max out your stereo, grab a few mates and dance around your room like an utter loon before heading out for bashment times. We’ll start off with a couple of remixes from La Dolce Vita. Have a listen to this and tell me if doesn’t spread a grin all over your chops and plant a serious passion in your heart for the melody! I’m seriously in love with this song. La Dolce Vita Myspace is where to head RIGHT NOW to check out a whole bunch of incredible remixes. Here’s my favourite to whet your appetite: Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko [La Dolce Vita Rmx]  by  musix86 O’Spada presents another batch of insanely funky breaks. They’re Swedish! Can’t share the track with you, so here is the ol’ Myspace where you can check out Time, a funky house banger with gorgeous female vox and a sweet hand-clap break. Also, gotta love the lyrical theme about taking matters of time into your own hands, do what you love, and fuck playing nice to get ahead in life. Hell yes O’Spada, we’ll be keeping an eye on this lot. Here's a funk-boogie remix (big up Veeagra for sharing) which gives you a pretty good idea: O'Spada - Time (The Gentleman Players remix) by veeagra Following up is Unicorn Kid whose awesomely named Lion Hat is a melodic, arpeggiated piece of limb-flailing lite-trance boshness. He’s a young’un too, from sunny Scotland, and actually has a Lion Hat. I mean, talk about integrity right? Another one that has no share code so head right on over to his Myspaz and sit tight. Some bright things being said about this chap, and though as a rule I’m skeptical of hype, every now and again it seems deserved. As ever, let us know what you think about the article, whether you want to hear more about the bands, or just if one of them happens to change your life for the better! Check back in another fortnight for a slightly more downtempo edition of the Cloud Corner!