Cloud Corner IV Ho there! How do you find yourself on this fine Cloud Corner episode IV day? Happy Cloud Corner epi. 4 day! This past month we’ve had an over-dearth of great songs shared with us, and as ever it’s impossible for me to feature them all. I will, however, start with honourable mentions that you should check out and look into if you dig: Joker Starr ft Dark Angel PUNCHLINES (produced by Soliheen) Joker Starr ft Dark Angel PUNCHLINES (produced by Soliheen) by Uniqbeat You didn't think I could neglect to share another La Dolce Vita remix with you did you? I honestly don't know where these boys keep pulling these out from, every single one i've heard is sick. The Sounds - No One Sleeps When I'm Awake (La Dolce Vita Remix) The Sounds - No One Sleeps When I'm Awake (La Dolce Vita Remix) by La Dolce Vita Imagine Dragons Main event wise, I want to kick things off with Imagine Dragons. Despite their front-man sounding uncannily like what Vince Vaughn would sound like if he fronted a pop rock band, and the fact this is indeed electro-pop-rock, Imagine Dragons have produced a bloody quality tune with I Need A Minute and bloody quality tunes are, after all, what I deal in. Imagine Dragons Myspace is the place to introduce yourself to Dan, Andrew, Brittany, Ben and D.Wayne and their music that, after listening to a few more songs, is quickly revealed to be fantastically dynamic, possessed of some sick bass riffs, great vocals and enough intelligence to veer away from ever sounding uncomfortably like The Killers at any point. Kudos especially for that..! Lindsay Fuller and the Cheap Dates Lindsay Fuller and The Cheap Dates evoke shimmering highway roadside hazes. Broken dreams that give way to new hopes, defiant but fragile. Quite bloody promising. To sum up their sound I would have to make use of so many disparate influences as to render the summary pretty useless. Or I could copy their myspace heading and say ‘Folk/Americana/Garage’. Suffice to say, hit up their myspace and listen first to Not To Be and Before I Sour. What I love about these two tracks is the distinctive vocal lines, and the big balls out blues-rock moments. Also, they’re highly evocative; a great find and a band I hope to hear a lot more from in the nearest possible future. Lindsay Fuller Myspace should be the very next link you click on. Go let yourself be converted. SUKI BEDEAUX! Suki Bedeaux is grungy, semi-pop bashment. She’s also one part of The Real Heat who also just happen to be sick electro. What grabbed me straight away about Suki (apart from her quite frankly SEXY name) was the straight up juxtaposition of a grime-pop song to an electro-clash-revival-esque spoken-work/rap tune. Add the semi-dubstep, reggae-influenced break-beat wonder that is the Suku edit of Baddest Ruffest to the mix and you'll see why this is one girl who I have my ears on even more than my eyes. Does that sound weird? Listen up, it’s top hole old bean! 03 Not Any Girl  by  sukibedeaux Click here to download Not Any Girl for freeeeeeee! You must! Ye olde Suki Bedeaux Suki Myspace As ever, let us know what you think about the article, whether you want to hear more about the bands, or just if one of them happens to change your life for the better! Check back in another fortnight for a slightly more downtempo edition of the Cloud Corner!