Cloud Corner is our look at the best new music sent into us via Soundcloud. The feature now offers the chance to vote for your favourite, with the winner being interviewed about their experiences as an up and coming band in our sister feature 'Lessons From Cloudcorner'.

I was ashamed to admit that the last edition of Cloudcorner featured exclusively American bands. Fortunately, although through no bias at all, this week features three British bands. Who knows, next time I might be flying the British Flag in my bedroom window.

Congratulations to Phantom Vibration, who won last time's Cloud Corner by just a slither

Previously Featured Tracks

Young Runaways

'Closer' - by Young Runaways

Before hearing six-piece Young Runaways, I used to think that Wolverhampton was a wasteland for music. Luckily the band's unique brand of intricate, baroque pop easily serves to dispel my ignorance.

You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket Sneak Peak <

b> 'Walk All Over Me' by SneakPeek

Californian based trio SneakPeek are masters of raw, angsty music. Who said bucketloads of distortion and heavy riffs couldn't be so enjoyable?

You can visit the band by heading to


'Legs and Arms' by Conifers

Conifers may be a fairly boring band name, but the music they create is anything but. Their engaging fusion of genres and evocative rhythmic sound is the perfect accompaniment to summer.

Paul Cook and the Chronicles

'Six Places' by Paul Cook & The Chronicles

Let's face it, the world's full of acoustic-indie artists, but there are very few that are as good as Paul Cook & The Chronicles. As if having one of the best bands names ever wasn't enough, the delicate, melancholy sound they create is flawless.

You can visit the band by heading to


'He Knew' by Chalk and Numbers

Nothing says 'summer' like surf music. Brooklyn surf duo, Chalk and Numbers create upbeat, soul inspired music that would even make Phil Spector (minus the insanity) proud.

You can visit the band by heading to


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