Cloud Corner Word up! Welcome one and all to our first edition of Cloud Corner, where we diligently reflect on the bands behind the best songs shared to us through that bizarre fusion of nature and technology that is Sound Cloud. This feature is, in a way, a set of mini-radars, the real difference being that the majority of the bands we’ll mention in here are a little more established. They will quite possibly still be unheard of to ya, and therein lies the raison d’etre. Enjoy! We’ll start off with New York duo Beautiful Small Machines whose track Robots In Love is a ridiculously catchy serving of servo-pop, imbued with retro-future (their term, not ours!) synth sounds and cute but fiery female vox. There are loads of tracks up on their Myspace page which you totally owe it to yourself to check out if you like great electro pop in any shape or fashion. I particularly recommend superconductor and the aforementioned Robots in Love of course. Golau Glau are, from what I can tell, starting out; their myspace page certainly suggests we've stumbled across a fledgling band that have it all ahead of them! A future radar band quite probably! Regardless, breathy, sultry vocal meanderings over sketchy beats and stripped down electronica elements result in a really quite compelling proposition. Imagine Goldfrapp experimenting with minimalist folk stylings and you might not be too far off the mark. I was very, very glad to have stumbled across Golau (a band name? A person? Who knows..!) floating around on the SoundCloud. Last, but most CERTAINLY not least, I was swiftly grabbed by Weather Pending. This band is absolutely gorgeous. You might have already caught The 405 Review of their debut album And How! in which we predictably go into detail about the many high points the album has to offer. Embedded in the review is a frankly beautiful video of Tide which is also free to download here Check them all out, we seriously urge you. Absolutely nothing but gush about these three incredibly talented up-and-coming bands. As ever, let us know what you think about the article, whether you want to hear more about the bands, or just if one of them happens to change your life for the better! Watch out for Cloud Corner’s imminent return in the very near future!