Formed in 1995, Cloud Cult started out as the main solo project for singer songwriter Craig Minowa but soon enough more musicians got added and became the band we see today. With quite a few releases under their belt, Cloud Cult have steadily grown a big fan base releasing albums through Craig Minowa's own record label, Earthology Records. We decided to get in touch with Craig Minowa to find out more about his fantastic band and thus the interview was born! Firstly, congratulations on your latest release! How are you feeling about the record now that it's out there for everybody to hear? Thanks. We're really happy with how it has been received. The live shows have been particularly exhilarating, because you can feel a heightened energy in the crowd.Are you enjoying playing the new songs live? It feels great. The album was focused on boosting the positive energy, and we can feel that at that live shows. How crucial do you feel the college radio scene helped you out in your early days? It was highly crucial. Commercial radio is no place for an indie band with no budget. College radio is totally democratic. You chart well if the DJs like your stuff enough to play it. DJs can usually play anything they want, so if you write something they like, they'll play it. How did Earthology Records come about and what are the struggles you face as independent record label? It was born to help develop ecological models for the music industry. It's nice to stay independent, although it's difficult to compete with the marketing budgets of even the mid-size record companies. Your touring schedule is pretty intense. What are the chances of you playing over here in England soon? We'd love to get over there. We're just waiting for there to be a enough demand. How did your name come about? It's in reference to a sect of prophecies discussing the importance of balancing spirituality with technology motivations and the natural world. Tell us one thing about the band that not many people would know. 99% of the music is written, recorded and produced by one guy in a low budget basement of an old farm house in northern Minnesota. You don't need money to make music. Download Take Your Medicine Visit Cloud Cult here!