Cloud Nothings, the Cleveland band led by Dylan Baldi, have announced their new record; it's called Last Building Burning and comes out through Carpark on October 19th. Each album Cloud Nothings have released has gotten progressively louder, and it seems set to continue on LP5, as Baldi tells us "I'm obsessed with the idea of energy at the moment... That's how I thought of this record: seven short, and one long, bursts of intense, controlled chaos. I wanted to make that come across in a way that can actually be felt."

The controlled chaos comes resounding out of lead single 'The Echo Of The World', which immediately sounds more vicious and less streamlined than Cloud Nothings have done previously. Over choppy percussion and stilted guitars, Baldi is venomous and forceful in his vocals, before relenting a little and guiding his band into a more contemplative core section. This serenity doesn't last too long before the domineering and machinistic rock takes control again, Baldi repeating "forward," guiding his haywire machinery into a pit of noise and destruction. Check it out below.

Cloud Nothings' Last Building Burning can be pre-ordered here ahead of its October 19th release. They've also announced extensive North American tour dates, which you can see below.