Chapter 24 Single Launch Party
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Hopefully by now our shameless self promotion of our first release on New Pyramid Records has sunken in and you're pre-ordered ten of them (five for yourself, five for friends and family), and if not click on the link and find out what we're talking about. Now Chapter 24's single launch party on the 23rd is not that far off at all. We're pleased to announce that the excellent and honourable folks of Club Mammoth are promoting the show, and you should totally go along to get in on the sweet line up and last few days of discounted pre-order goodness.
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It's going to be a great night, Sunderbands and Pipes supporting, a host of DJs including Dance Magic Dance, New Pyramid and Club Motherfucker. t's all going down at The Stag's Head (which is due to close its doors for good soon which is both a massive tragedy and another reason to get down there before it does...) from 7pm onwards and it's FREE. Bam. What more can we say? Let us know beneath in comments if you're planning on coming down and saying 'Hi!'