CMJ’s Music Marathon and Film Festival is certainly one of the more expansive culture festivals that you’ll ever see. It goes down October 18-22 in New York City and with over 900 artists announced in just this last round-up alone, this year is set to prove particularly daunting. It should certainly live up to that marathon name as it’ll be an endurance race for us as we try to get to as many shows as possible over the course of week. And hey, it might even be a bit of a sprint as we try to see artists like Neon Indian, Braids, Active Child, Small Black, and Purity Ring all in one evening across venues across the city.

The lineup truly is too exhaustive to list, so you can check out the whole thing here: or you will find a smattering of artists that we’re anticipating pretty heavily in our Spotify playlist here.

It’s certain to be an exhausting and exhilarating week and we hope to see you there.

Badges are on sale here.