The second weekend of Coachella always seems to be a bit of a let-down, and it seems this year was no different. However, it still had a few surprises up its sleeves, including a pretty solid takedown of Daft Punk by Arcade Fire. Watch a few of the highlights below.

Nas teamed up with Lauryn Hill

Following a pretty incredible performance from Weekend One, Nas decided to bring out Lauryn Hill for Weekend Two. They performed the Fugees' 'Ready or Not' and their collaborative single 'If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)'.

Kid Cudi teamed up with MGMT and Haim

Kid Cudi performed 'Red Eye' with Haim and 'Pursuit of Happiness' with MGMT - making for quite an interesting set.

Arcade Fire trolled the crap out of Daft Punk

During their recent tour, Arcade Fire managed to impersonate a few different people, including Rob Ford. However, last night they topped them all by appearing as Daft Punk. The 'Phat Dunk' duo performed a rendition of 'Get Lucky', which confused a lot of people in attendance (just search 'Daft Punk Coachella' on Twitter).

Pharrell was joined by Jay Z, Usher, Pusha T and T.I.

Another festival, another chance for Pharrell to prove how many friends he has.

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