Coachella (the Reading Festival of America, essentially) have gone and announced one of the strongest music festival line-ups we've seen in quite some time. I don't think anyone could be bored with the selection they've put together.

But to make it easy, we've compiled a little handy guide, followed by the poster to give you the full outlook.


You like your bands to be all nice and reformed? Well we have At The Drive-In and Refused for you. Two for the price of one with that one. You've also got Pulp, who are kind of reforming, though really they did that last year. Oh and Mazzy Star too.

Big Hitters

Radiohead, duh. They'll destroy the crowd of people that just witnessed mr log cabin, Bon Iver. The Black Keys seem a little week. Surely Pulp would have been a better choice? Dr. Dre & Snoop will clean up if they make an effort.


What will he be like live? He, along with his band, will probably play a lot of warm-up shows before this slot, but it wil be interesting to see if he can handle such a s high profile event.