It's been several weeks since the second weekend of Coachella and things are finally settling down. Maybe some of those memories that were so vivid are now starting to fade into the ethereal backdrop of your mind. And while experiencing all the hullabaloo of Coachella as an attendee etches itself into your being, performing at it is a whole other ballpark, my friend.

With hectic schedules, a limiting pass, and the scourge of a disposable camera from a local discount store, I was able to steal a minute of time from several performers. So, take a read at what they had to say about what it's like to perform and attend that cruel mistress known as Coachella.

Mbongwana Star

What's it like to come to the US and play a festival like Coachella?

(Rough translation from their manager as the band only speaks French) - We're happy to show what we do and to show where we come from. We have a very special style that has never been played here [at Coachella]. We have played all over the world and it just very special to get to play here.

Christine and the Queens

You are well known for bringing other mediums of art into your music and performances. How is it to play a festival like Coachella that highlights music and art?

It's really interesting because it's a festival with lots of different artists and disciplines involved, and I can really dig that. But what's also interesting is that it's rough conditions, in a way. You have to adapt. You can't have really have, like, sophisticated settings. You have to rely a lot on the performance - on the muscles and what you can bring. So, it's quite cool, it's like... it's a wake-up call as well as a performer. It relies really on the performance [Laughs]. So I've been doing my push-ups and things.

Nina Las Vegas

It's no secret that being a DJ is a bit of a male dominated field. What's it like being a well-known female DJ and bringing your sound over to the US from Australia and play Coachella?

It feels cool. It feels really good. I brought Unique out who's a girl as well and reps hard for the USA. Like, she's just one of my favorite producers. I don't know. It's kind of crazy 'cause me, Emma, and Alison (Alison Wonderland) are all girl DJs from Australia and we're kind of like... there's Mija and a few other girls so it feels pretty cool to be an Australian DJ right now. But, yeah it's really nice. I think, just 'cause we've always played it makes sense. And maybe there's a little more confidence for us at home that we brought to the US. But it feels good.

Strangers You Know

You're both from California and attended Coachella in the past. So, what's it like to come here and play?

Grady: Uhm... well, I think, as far as southern California, and just the general West Coast goes, Coachella is kind of the Holy Grail of Festivals. And I remember my first experience coming here. I had just turned 18 three days before and the first show I saw when the sun went down was Frank Ocean. And I remember looking up at him and thinking, 'If I ever get to be that guy, standing on this stage and performing at this festival, that's the epitome of happiness for me.' I don't think it could go beyond that. I think that's the threshold. What's funny is he was playing the Mojave and we're playing the Mojave today. And it doesn't even seem like a goal anymore. It seems like a necessary step, you know, on this mountain we've been climbing.

Adam: And for me, I grew up in LA. I've been going to Coachella since high school, so I've been going for years and years. And growing up in LA, it's the only major city around besides like San Diego. So going was like traveling to Mecca. It's like the biggest arts and music festival there is and right near the musical capital out in LA. And it's actually insane to be out here playing. I met my band met 3 years ago today [at Coachella]. I got a little Facebook Notification literally today. I'm gonna share it and write some cute little post. But, it's amazing 3 years later what happened with us just randomly meeting. You just never know what's gonna happen. Coachella's just magic.

Bat For Lashes

You're a multi-instrumentalist and you meld together so many various genres. How is to come to Coachella and perform amongst such a variety of acts?

It's hard. It's very different than England. But it's great. This time we're gonna play a little selection off the new album so there's a little twisted bridal theme that's gonna happen on stage. And then we're gonna play some of the more upbeat songs of old. This is my fourth record so it's nice to get to play kind of an eclectic range of stuff.


I would say you're one of the more unique acts that are on the bill. Coachella has kind of veered more towards the electronic side of things, but your set added a heaviness and a bit of an experimental rock vibe, with a little bit of soul influence in there as well. What's it like to bring your own personal sound to Coachella and perform for an audience who may not have heard of you before?

Ryan: I think it's an interesting experience to be juxtaposed with other acts - other pop acts - 'cause we were really immersed in the pop world. We understand that we're a pop band in that sense - it's pop music. But our whole idea when we set out was to intervene into pop music and to call it into question and see what was going on with it. To explore the racial dynamics of pop music. So I think it always fits. And I think it's interesting not only theoretically but to actually get to play.

Tei Shi

So this was your first time playing Coachella and you have been getting more and more popular over the past few years. How does it feel to be able to play a festival like this in front of an audience of fans and first-timers?

I mean, I would sum it up as weird [Laughs]. I mean, it's very cool. Playing Coachella this year was very unexpected. I was not foreseeing that happening. It's definitely very encouraging and I mean, it's pretty surreal. But I think Coachella it's also just a super strange experience in general. It's been strange, but, you know, in a good way.


You have your unique "cholo goth" sound and are from just down the way in San Diego. So, how does it feel to be local boys and play a festival like Coachella?

Well, it feels stellar. There is so much to say. Continue to believe in yourself and we will believe in you as much as you believe in us.