There's something about music made in LA that always finds a way to bottle a little bit of that sunshine. Case and point, Coastal Clouds. Coastal Clouds is the solo project of Santa Monica, California transplant Roberto Rodriguez. After working jobs and internships around LA, Roberto was finally able to focus on music thanks to partnering up with producer Billy Mohler. And it was through recording and working with Mohler that Roberto was able to hone the sounds of Coastal Clouds.

And The 405 is here to premiere his latest track, 'Wanna Come Down'.

As Roberto puts it, "'Wanna Come Down' is about the internal struggle we deal with when we realize those 'golden days' are over and we have to learn to grow up and 'fit' into society. Everyone can offer advice and tell you how to do it, but in the end, we have to find our own way to deal with the changes."

But even with this sombre subject matter, Coastal Clouds keeps things breezy. The guitars shimmer, the high-hat jitters, and the slick bass line strolls along a set path and with purpose. Roberto's high baritone/ low tenor range on 'Wanna Come Down' fits well with the late '60s / early '70s psych pop vibe of the song. The track has enough vintage aesthetic to please those who care deeply about that and is catchy enough that anyone with ears will find themselves tapping their toes and drifting off on a strong wind.

Take a few minutes to ease the blood pressure: