Formed last spring, the NYC-based duo Colatura is about as fresh a band as they come. But you'd be hard-pressed to know that when you hear them play as vocalist/bassist Jennica Best and vocalist/guitarist Digo Degorio have the kind of musical chemistry most musicians would kill for. The band is putting together a new EP, Spring Drew Blood, to be released later this year, but the first single, 'Is Love Enough?', debuts here today.

Featuring emotive vocal performances from both Best and Degorio, 'Is Love Enough?' is a heartbreaking ode to the elements of love we all know, but try our best to avoid. Best's rhythmic bass gives the track a little groove while Degorio's noodly verse and crunchy chorus helps carry the song's emotional weight. For the band, 'Is Love Enough?' was always intended to capture that less glamorous side of love.

"We wanted to write a love song that wasn’t your typical love song," Colatura says. "'Is Love Enough?' is an honest, vulnerable exploration of the darker, more painful side of love. We’re all fed this Hollywood movie idea from society that if you love someone enough things will just work out, but the reality is we emotionally beat the crap out of each other and love isn’t always enough to make it through all of the challenges.

"In the song, a fictional couple is caught in a moment where they are hurting each other and can’t find a way out, despite loving each other. Digo sings, 'You’re the only one whose words can break my bones. Let it burn down, forget this was our home.' We wanted to show that the people closest to us can love us the most and also hurt us the most, and that sometimes it feels like you need to just let the whole thing burn and start over."

Stream Colatura's 'Is Love Enough?' below and be sure to be on the look out for their upcoming EP, Spring Drew Blood, later in 2018.