Cold Showers has always resided in that weird, inexplicable space where their music is more recognizable than their name. In fact, having been around for nearly decade, Cold Showers' music has been featured on hit shows like 13 Reasons Why and How To Get Away With Murder, but with each opportunity to blow up, their image was still left in the shadows. Needless to say, with three new enthralling tracks, the LA post-punkers are finally putting a face to their music.

‘Dismiss,’ the third single from their forthcoming record titled Motionless, Cold Showers renders meat-and-potatoes post-punk—chugging bassline and dark swathes of guitar—with a slight touch of ambient and dissonance that was always hinted at but is now fully realized.

Eerily reminiscent of the synth-heavy brand of post-punk you would hear from the likes of Blouse, Drab Majesty and to a larger extent, Preoccupations and their most recent record, Cold Showers’ evolution has been a welcomed surprise thus far.

On the frenetically-charged new song, the band says ‘Dismiss’ is "...a reverie about a relationship that ends at the darkest point. An inevitable farewell." Through the lyrics alone this hopeless inevitability runs thick with dark heft: “And they’ll say / How long can it last? / I am running down / Running round / Into you / I’ll cherish you”

Along with the new single, check out the band’s disorienting companion lyric video above, directed by Ruinas Romanas, which through the many smears of smoke, features an individual with eyes rolled back, squirming and convulsing on the ground in agony. It’s an unsettling sight to see, but one that captures the track’s foreboding feel.

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