Cold Specks is the current alter-ego of Al Spx, a 23-year-old Canadian from Etobicoke now residing in London. If the number of glowing reviews of the above track (and this will be no exception) are anything to go by she soon won't need such a lengthy introduction.

'Holland' is melancholically beautiful, swooping gently in on strings before opening to give space to a voice that I can only describe as stop-you-in-your-tracks arresting. Within two lines your spine will be a wash of shivers. It's a voice that makes me wish I believed in the God she finds "in the gutter."

Self-titled as "doom soul", this is a song of death and mourning and going on, with the dark gospel concept smashing out in the final third all cymbal crashes and marching drums. At it's close the full instrumentation once again falls away from her voice for the chilling ending to be sung alone. A few live dates are to be found on her website and if she's this powerful on record, I can only imagine what Al Spx can evoke live. Take tissues and a good friend.