Colin Self is a multi-faceted artist, choreographer, composer, musician and much more. If you, like us, are just catching up, then you might like to know that he, in his own words "work[s] with communities across disciplines and practices, using voices, bodies, and computers as tools to interface with biological and technological software.". His focus recently has been on a 6-part opera entitled Elation; and the sixth part, called Siblings, is coming out in audio form as an album on RVNG Intl. on November 2nd.

Siblings takes a non-biological family as its focal point and driving force for the musical narrative. They must come together to preserve a damaged planet, and in the meantime they find themselves bonding and becoming a true family.

Now, you can keep that all in mind as you listen to Colin Self's productions, or you can just appreciate them as breathtaking experimental electronic pieces. The first two tracks to be shared from Siblings are 'Stay With The Trouble (For Donna)' and 'Emblem', which come from the core of the record and present two quite radically different styles. 'Stay With The Trouble' is a pulsating piece of atmospheric techno, adorned with smatterings of claps and robotic rasps. The latter, 'Emblem', is a smooth and robotically soulful journey of pristine beauty.

You can check out both track below, accompanied by insane visuals by Josef Kraska, which incorporate the album's artwork and footage from Colin Self's rehearsals for his upcoming MoMA PS1 performance of Siblings.

You can get much more detailed information about Colin Self and all his projects on his website.