The Spring/Summer 2014 look book from the bad bitches of street wear, Married to the Mob, is an example how to utilise creativity and great photography to create something that feels nostalgic and tells an appealing story with bags of attitude.

The faded tones and grainy black and white shots recall old Tri-X films, capturing hazy summer days and playful flirtations. Sarah McSweeney adopts some bold poses that maximise on her willowy limbs and attitude - reminiscent of a young Patti Smith.

This lookbook gives a softer edge to in your face cuts and slogans by mixing a range of attitudes and styles. It feels both vintage and modern. There’s a coquettish glance from Anna Karina in Vivre Sa Vie whilst at the same time it feels as openly sensual as say Brigitte Bardot in Le Mepris, with a Juliette Lewis Natural Born Killers style snarl thrown in for good measure. There's long been a gap in the women's streetwear market so bravo Married To The Mob for offering a decent filling.