As Engels once observed, "The anarchists put the thing upside down," and it cannot be denied that designer Matthew Miller loves to get us talking. His latest work is the kind of bold and confrontational creative outpouring we've grown to expect from Matthew, and boy is it interesting.

Last night was the launch of a photo series called the 13 Apostles at OTHER/shop in Soho. This is an extension on the theme of his Autumn/Winter 14 collection called 'Emotional Anarchy'. Matthew's work continues to be political and philosophical as he uses the design and creation of clothes as punctuation for wider fundamental messages and themes. His latest collaboration with studio Baron (Jonathan Baron and Matthew Holroyd) is a photo set depicting models holding wreaths spelling his name. He also designed a range of sweatshirts which are available from Other Shop.

Matthew is not afraid of tough subject matters and this time he's tackling death, memory, the IRA and iconography. In a time when social media platforms such as Twitter allow for a surge of RIPs for strangers, and celebrities are treated like greek gods, once again Matthew's work is relevant, on topic and provocative - leaving us tapping our toes in anticipation for what he'll do next.