• Label: Matthew Miller
  • Collection: Autumn/Winter 15
  • Location: London (LCM)

Casting an eye at last week's ever impressive London Collection: Men, the retina always ends up transfixed on one designer in particular. Matthew Miller's bold and uncompromising anti-authoritarian aesthetic always feels like it's pushing boundaries. His latest collection - titled Stay Resistant - is as chaotic as ever and, of course, refreshingly apt.

Matthew's collections are often bold but he is totally on top of the details, making his clothing incredibly wearable and a pleasure to do so at that. This time round he gets eyebrows raised by including a collaboration with Novesta, a pre WWII footwear brand from Slovakia. There's always something fascinating and surprising about Matthews collection and this focussed, yet distorted way of dressing feels like the way to go for 2015. Be bold, mix it up and, most of all, stay resistant.