Alright then! Danish label, Rascals, have put their 90s inspired 2014 Summer Collection to the test. They've inserted their outfits into some iconic '90s shows to see if they'd blend in and low and behold they do.

Kalabunga! Bomber jackets, track pants, short sleeved shirts and bucket hats transport us back to a time when we all wanted to live next to Will Smith in Bel Air and eat nothing but pop tarts washed down with Umbongo. Pretty fly plan right?! It was a time when Cleopatra were comin 'atcha and hair mascara, dancing hamsters and pogz were too kool for skool (cringe). This collection is da bomb because it takes some of the classic casuals '90s elements but on trend floral prints and fabrics add a new modern element. Schwing!