Coltana is a London-based quartet who are like a musical Megazord; they each bring to the table a different musical penchant and practice, and this results in an imposing, bruising and unapologetic whole. The nucleus of the group are singer Cat Martindale, who has a history in rap, and guitarist Blake Kenrick who's previously played in metal bands. They are reinforced by Lucien Blisset on bass and Danni Soggia on drums who bring elements of jazz and pop into the mix.

It all starts unsuspectingly on new single 'Blighty', with a hymnal intro, but the rug is quickly pulled out from under to reveal Coltana's nimble and powerful post-punk. Martindale's commanding voice guides them forth into a melee of crackling guitars riffs, thunderous drumming and power-pop hooks. Along the turbulent ride each of the members gets to show off their impressive playing chops, but the overall python-like, devilish rock they cook up together is what makes 'Blighty' leave a heavy impression.

'Blighty' is the title track from the group's forthcoming debut EP, out June 15th. Each of the 5 tracks on Blighty takes on a different mode, from punk to indie to garage rock to rap. Count us intrigued. You can get a taste of what Coltana have in store by catching them at one of the following dates:

24th April - Ninety- One, Brick Lane, London
3rd June - The Windmill Brixton, London
9th June - Acklam Village Market, London
15th June - Audio, Glasgow

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