Bogotá born, London-based singer/songwriter Lao Ra is back with the second single from her Jesus Made Me Bad EP, which has just been released and acts as her first release since signing to Black Butter Records.

The EP's title track managed to make the top 10 on Hype Machine and a place on Spotify's Viral Chart, and it looks like 'Daddy Issues' could do even better, with its tropical pop-flavoured sound and hypnotic chorus. Speaking about the track, Lao said: "I see a lot of men who struggle with being a parent and don't really know their role in family life. Back in the day they would just bring the money home, and didn't really have a connection with their kids. And as a consequence of dads being distant and absent, we don't really know how we're supposed to be treated by men and often end up fancying the bad boys, who are as aloof as our fathers."

The Jesus Made Me Bad EP is available now on iTunes.