Colyer, the project of namesake artist Steven Colyer, has only a few songs out in the wild. But with each new one, the lust for a larger collection grows larger. That desire is practically exploding with the release of Colyer's new track, 'Lost In Your Love.'

Serving as songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Colyer has crafted a soulful love song that bristles with energy before launching into a cathartic expression of love. The song seems to meld styles — blues, soul, indie pop — with effortless ease on the part of Colyer. The LA-based musician melds his Southern roots, Midwest upbringing and West Coast status to create something truly full of heart.

What's more is that at no point do the earnest, lovey proclamations from Colyer seem inauthentic. This may seem like an obvious point to make, but truly striking messages of love need to seem believable to have their intended effect. Seeing as love, or lack thereof, is the fuel for most any song, there are many musicians who are able to capture the ways of the heart in compelling ways. Colyer himself admits that the song seem to come to him, in a way that kept him from ever straying into anything emotionally inauthentic.

“When I wrote ‘Lost In Your Love,’ the lyrics just spilled out," said Colyer. "Its honesty struck me pretty effortlessly. It isn’t trying to be anything that it isn't. I feel like it sits in this suspended space that I can no longer touch. This is a really special one for me and I hope it gives you that same something."

Give 'Lost In Your Love' a spin below.