I first saw Sky Larkin in May of 2008 at the worst venue in Camden and even then I was bowled over by every fucking thing about them. Fast forward seven (SEVEN) years and Katie Harkin is touring with Sleater-Kinney and generally being in demand as an incredible musician - seems like an OK career arc to us...

So when news arrived that she was releasing some solo material we were suitably excited, when news arrived that the first song would be a cover we were kind of "ok sure but we really want to hear your songs", then the news arrived that she would be covering one of our actual all time favourite songs by the super under loved indie rock band Apostle of Hustle - we then regretted being a bit down on the cover plan and went straight to fucking hyped without passing go.

Needless to say, the song is 100% great, please find it, and a few short excerpts from the press release below.

Come Play With Me is a brand new singles club – releasing split 7” vinyl aiming to showcase the most exciting artists from the Leeds City Region alongside a few surprises along the way. With a mix of the new and more established across all genres, the label will be demonstrating the awesome diversity of great music coming out of this part of the world. The singles themselves will also come in beautifully designed sleeves, packaged to look as well as sound great.

Even better – Come Play With Me has been set up as a Community Interest Company, a social enterprise that reinvests all profits to identify ever more exciting talent from this part of Yorkshire and help them on the road to getting their music out to a wider audience.

There will be a special launch event at Sheaf Street Studios in Leeds on Thursday 24th September 2015 featuring an interview with David Gedge alongside stripped down sets from: David Gedge & Sam Beer-Pearce (The Wedding Present & Cinerama), Post War Glamour Girls and Deadwall.

You can purchase the single here http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/come-play-with-me