The rather excellent Common Prayer have gone all experimental on our asses by releasing A Suite of Seven Sounds Found in the UK, a compilation of sounds they recorded during their recent UK tour. The band have offered up the seven samples, set to loop, which can be played one at a time or concurrently, as well as downloaded on the web page. The band have a history of 'found sounds', with their collection rivalling that of principal influence, artist Jack Goldstein. 1. National Rail (00:24) 2. Bennetts' Faucet (00:27) 3. Opening Act Brighton (00:25) 4. Paddington Station (00:29) 5. Cornwall Coast Gulls (00:32) 6. Relentless Garage (00:21) 7. Steventon Ducks (00:27) Visit Common Prayer's Seven Sounds Found page by clicking here!