Commonplace, a new rad hardcore outfit from Oslo with roots firmly in late '70s new wave/post punk avant-garde experimentalism, are not a band that will go unnoticed. Recently signed to Trondheim independent label, Riot Factory, they have eschewed their shoegaze/indie backgrounds for the more exciting, explosive sounds so redolent of their post-punk predecessors such as Wire or PIL.

Sharing their debut single, the compellingly raw and broodingly introverted 'Complex Mental State', here on The 405 today, Commonplace reveal the first acerbic taste of what is to come on their upcoming EP, due for release on April 22nd.

It's the doom-laden lyricism of early Joy Division, delivered with a guttural, insistent vocal - accompanied by a Stooges 'I Wanna be your Dog' guitar structure, fluid basslines and drumming with such pinpoint accuracy as to be reminiscent of early JD as Warsaw.

It goes out off-kilter every now and again, unleashing an off-key drone that magnifies the disquietude of its trenchant lyrical theme. The overall sound is 'unfinished', giving the track a deliberate under-produced lack of polish, and an almost 'live' feel.

As complex and hard hitting as their late 70s PP predecessors, this is avant-garde experimentation with a fresh, 21st-century twist. Think MC5 muddled with Iggy Pop slathered with the kind of dark wave vibe of Savages.

With a UK/Euro tour in the offing, Commonplace play their debut gig in Tiger, a specialist hardcore/punk record store on Hammersborggata, Oslo at 22.30 Friday 4th March (details here).

'Complex Mental State' will be released tomorrow via Riot Factory and you can watch the video for it exclusively here on The 405.