For those of you who don't know the background to this album, I'll do you a brief potted history:

When Nambucca (R.I.P.) changed hands and subsequently burnt down, the group who had been running it on a largely voluntary basis until that point (a group that includes none other than Mr Beans On Toast and The Real Dave Danger) set up home at The Flowerpot in Kentish Town, and have now moved their unique blend of friendliness and live music to The Wheelbarrow on Camden High Street.

This album is a product of (and tribute to) their time at The Flowerpot, and features a series of collaborations recorded last summer at the venue. A documentary DVD is also included in the package which features exclusive footage of the week long Communion curated event.

Featuring performances by Damien Rice, Angus & Julia Stone, Kill It Kid, Joker & The Thief, The Agitator and Beans On Toast among others, this album is a great example of just what can happen if you get a group of like-minded music people together away from the sterile spotlight of record labels, managers, album sales, analytics and everything else that prevents musicians from simply being able to make the music they love.

Particular highlights for me include the beautiful 'To Let Go' by Angus & Julia Stone, the sublime 'Mexico' by The Staves, which contains vocal harmonies that will make your heart melt, and the incredible cover of 'You're The One That I Want' (yes, the one from Grease) by Damien Rice and the aforementioned Stones.

Simply put, this album is sunshine. It's friends and acoustic guitars and lazy hazy evenings in the park with beer. The Flowerpot Sessions are the perfect embodiment of summertime, and they'll certainly be soundtracking mine.

I also strongly urge you to check out the beautiful accompanying website; which contains an album 'family tree' and a wonderfully humorous account of the recording process.