Norwegian Pop-Punk/Synth duo Company Ink managed to do, at least what I believed to be, the impossible in their EP lead single 'The Flip'. The two band mates succeeded in blending semi-traditional angsty punk lyrics with an airy and light, bouncing beat. Usually when I hear this combination in one way or another the music integrity of either or both styles is compromised, but not in this case.

The two members, Axel Olsen and Daragh Wearen Murphy, seemed to have stumbled into this awesome combination serendipitously. Here’s what they had to say:

“The track came into being as I was sitting up late one night throwing some ideas down on a synthesizer. I recorded this chord sequence, which is what you hear at the beginning of the song, and added a couple of jangly, ear-piercing guitars, a bass line and drum beat to it. Then I sent the demo to Axel.” -Daragh

“A couple of days later I came around to Daragh's place and messed around with the beat on the track. I also wrote down some of the lyrics while listening to the demo.” -Axel

“I think I originally intended for it to be a kind of synth-pop song. We both agreed it needed to be a bit bigger, and so I recorded about ten guitars playing the same chords. As for the lyrics, they kind of speak for themselves.” -Daragh

Check out Company Ink’s new single 'The Flip' for yourself and witness what can only be described as musical harmony between two opposing styles.