Ever seen The Big Lebowski? Of course you have; it's one of the Coens' greatest efforts laid to celluloid. It's a lectre on twisty-turny farcical structure. Jeff Bridges defined an entire generation of Halloweens with his turn as The Dude. It's got Sam Elliott, Flea, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tara Reid, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, Johns Goodman and Turturro, Remus Lupin from Harry Potter and Jacob from Lost. Stellar cast meets phenomenal writing, and the result is a culty masterpiece that defies genre, expectations and all reason. A true modern classic.

So many things have become ingrained in the zeitgeist because of it. "MARK IT ZERO!", random pseudo-sexual viking bowlers and pee-stained rugs. The church of Dudeism. Missing toes and nihilists. But, of course, there's one thing that's held in the highest esteem: the White Russian.

It's a cocktail for the ages.

Here's where Kahlúa step in. As part of the White Russian's integral bedrock, they're etched into The Dude's legacy. Now, they're giving something back. Specifically, 25 full White Russian kits to create the perfect drink. It'll really tie the room together.

To be in with a chance, all you need to do is watch Kahlúa's short film - with Jeff Bridges no less - and tell them what you reckon is lurking inside the briefcase. While you're waiting on the response, you may as well get practising making those White Russians with this recipe.

Watch the video and enter the competition here.