The fantastic people over at Tiger Beer have made a mini film with one of our favourite new bands of the year, Mazes. It's the first episode of a new three part series called 'Found' (a project between Tiger Beer and Vice) and sees the London band board the Lightship 95, which is a recording studio on a ship at Trinity Buoy Wharf.

The film takes us on a journey around the amazing ship with the owner Ben Philips, before following the band around the to talk about their experiences with the studio and dealing with sea sickness.

Watch the video for the full ship/Mazes experience!

Thanks to Tiger Beer, we have two sets of £15 iTunes Vouchers, but only if you paid enough attention to the video. For your chance to win one of the vouchers, just answer this simple question:

At the start of the video, the lightship owner spoke about a record label that recommended the recording studio to the band. What record label was it?

  1. Fat Cat Records
  2. Sony
  3. ATP Records

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